The deterioration of my grandparents

I documented the different stages of my grandparents dementia to hopefully spread awareness of the pain so many families experience watching their loved ones slowly disappear. I was really struggling to understand the changes they were going through because of this horrible disease. I watched my grandad deteriorate through out this project and slowly become less of who he is. Caring for them both with my mum and with support of the rest of the family was also effecting us. I wanted to capture the beautiful 60 years of married life they lived together, the memories they wish to hold but couldnt. Also contrast this with the visual deterioration of the late stages of my Grandad to impact those of how vulnerable the disease made him from the strong, fighting man he used to be. This documentation really helped myself and my mum to cope with the difficult process. Also photographing the little snippets of my Grandad which we used to know, appear through the disease, as he was fighing, means a lot to have and help act as a reminder of how wonderful he was.