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Anneka Lee Madgett (b.1995) graduated from Robert Gordon's Grays School of Art, Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts with Honours studying Communication Design. (Photography)

"The four years of studying and practising Communication Design, I have found myself to be very passionate towards documenting important and relevant topics and stories; particularly thosr affecting a large audience. I have always enjoyed recording interesting personalities at home and abroad and have built up a large photographic portfolio over time, focussing mostly upon social interest. My work aims to trigger or enhance awareness of a topic or message: connecting with the audience to fight for recognition, or promote understanding towards a potential change. I love to photograph detail and clarity, highlighting the subject, my passion for portraiture is clear. However I find it impossible to walk past anything I consider to be a scene of interest without wanting to record and make a statement about it with my camera.”

"Returning to YouTube Feb 2018 & currently having 75k subscribers, I can proudly say I am self employed running my own business on my YouTube channel and fashion Instagram blog. My YouTube channel consists of Makeover Mondays, Workout Wednesdays & Fashion Fridays. I enjoy spreading positivity. Self love, animal rights and a healthy lifestyle. Only being 5ft in height, my other focus is to support other petite women with fashion.

Runner Up - 2011 The British Wildlife Photography Awards BWPA

Winners Gallery - 2017 The British Journal of Photography Portrait of Britain